4 Tips for Improving Customer Profitability

Peter Chisambara    September 3, 2017    0

Despite increased focus on customer centricity and putting customers at the core of the business, many organizations do not have Read more …

Why KPIs Alone Do Not Drive Results

Peter Chisambara    August 17, 2017    0

No matter how small or big a company is, all companies aspire to achieve superior business performance that beats the Read more …

KPIs Should Actually Reflect Business Reality

Peter Chisambara    August 11, 2017    1

KPIs are an important tool to help us explain progress towards our stated goals and strategic priorities. Despite their usefulness Read more …

What Makes an Effective Finance Business Partner?

Peter Chisambara    August 4, 2017    0

These days the pressures and challenges a business faces are constantly changing and the finance function, along with the organization Read more …

Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Peter Chisambara    July 20, 2017    0

Today, businesses are operating in an intensely competitive environment. New products and markets are continuously being created disrupting the traditional Read more …

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