We are specialists in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). We provide strategic performance management consulting services to organizations of all types and sizes. We assist them implement strategy successfully, measure, monitor and improve enterprise performance.

We help organizations:

  • Review and improve their strategic planning and execution processes
  • Create Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps that help communicate strategic objectives effectively.
  • Align the finance organization structure and processes with the business strategy.
  • Review and improve their budgeting, planning and forecasting processes and implement continuous rolling forecasts and what-if scenario analysis to help deal with uncertainty and volatility.
  • Design and implement relevant KPIs that are aligned with the broader strategic objectives.
  • Review and improve existing KPIs and performance measurement systems.
  • Review and align business processes with the organization’s broader strategy.
  • Improve product and customer profitability through the implementation of ABC/M principles
  • Review existing pricing techniques and implement value-based pricing strategies.
  • Design and implement an effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system that helps to effectively measure, monitor and manage risks.
  • Integrate ERM and EPM processes and ensure improved strategic decision-making and enterprise performance.
  • Create a culture of analytics and metrics, gain insights from data and improve enterprise performance.

We understand that each organization is different, therefore, our recommended solutions are tailor-made to each client’s strategic performance questions and circumstances.

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