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Finance Must Embrace Digital or Risk Being Left Behind

   July 13, 2017    0

The face of the finance function is changing every day but do we really understand what this means in reality? Read more …

Savvy CFOs are Using Data Analytics to Mitigate Risks

   June 15, 2017    0

Data analytics has shifted from being “just a fad” to a business necessity. Once considered the playground of marketing, data Read more …

Increasing Finance’s Relevance to the Business

   May 25, 2017    0

To remain successful and relevant to the business in today’s VUCA environment, Finance must move beyond the control and compliance Read more …

Finance Should No Longer Maintain the Status Quo

   May 4, 2017    0

The world around us has significantly changed and the rate at which this change is happening is terrifying. Established business Read more …

Finance’s Role in Managing Enterprise Risks

   April 20, 2017    0

The risk landscape is changing fast. Risks are multiplying at an alarming rate threatening to cause both financial and reputation Read more …

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