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The Finance Function: A Business Growth Partner or Detractor?

   April 13, 2017    0

Finance is increasingly taking an important role as the business partner. Thanks to digital and technology advancements, CFOs and their Read more …

The Digital Finance Function

   April 6, 2017    0

Digital and technology advances are profoundly transforming the finance function from a number cruncher to an enterprise data and analytics Read more …

Raising the Internal Profile for Finance

   February 2, 2017    0

Businesses today are operating in an increasingly complex, volatile, uncertain and competitive environment. To cope with these challenges, organizations are Read more …

Finance Business Partnering: What CFOs Need to Know

   January 26, 2017    0

One of the challenges facing today’s finance executives in transforming the finance organization from a back office function into a Read more …

3 Ways Finance Can Help Improve Operating Margins

   January 19, 2017    0

One of the challenges facing today’s finance executives is improving operating margins for the business. Top-line growth is very slow, Read more …

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