One of the barriers to achieving improved strategic performance is a huge skills shortage in the application of EPM best practices and methodologies.

We offer practical customized training courses on anything linked to strategic performance. For example:

  • Developing your Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard with appropriate metrics and funding solutions.
  • The Balanced Scorecard – Measuring and executing your strategy.
  • Designing and implementing winning Key Performance Indicators.
  • Using metrics and analytics to improve strategic decision-making.
  • Aligning organizational units and employees with effective communication and incentive plans.
  • Implementing performance-based budgeting and continuous rolling forecasts.
  • Designing and implementing an effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system for the organization
  • Integrating strategy, risk and performance management for improved enterprise performance.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements and we can customize the right course for you.

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