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Are You Using Scenario Planning To Improve Decision Making?

As the business and macro-economic environment continue to change at rapid paces and increasingly getting complex, the pressure on the finance organization to support the core business by strategically addressing volatility, uncertainty and risk is also intensifying. This fast changing environment is making it extremely difficult for organizations to forecast business performance with a greater… Read more »

Improving Finance’s Financial Planning & Analysis Capabilities

As the role of the finance function continues to evolve from reporting on what happened in the past to driving business performance and creating enterprise value, the function’s financial planning and analysis capabilities need to be improved. More than ever, increased volatility and uncertainty is placing considerable pressure on finance leaders to support business decision-makers… Read more »

Producing Reliable Forecasts That Improve Decision-Making

Although almost every organization uses forecasts to predict and manage future business performance, only a few of the produced forecasts are reliable despite the amount of energy and time invested in producing them. The problem with unreliable forecasts is that they have far-reaching strategic and operational implications. They lead to poor decision-making which in turn… Read more »

Remedies for Forecasting Illnesses

Yesterday I wrote about the seven common symptoms of forecasting illness and how they can lead to uninformed decisions making. In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, the ability to anticipate the future, even if only a few months ahead, can mean the difference between survival and failure. Unfortunately, future uncertainty is much greater than… Read more »