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Providing Effective Decision Support: What CFOs Need to Know

One of the challenges facing today’s finance executives in transforming the finance organization from a back office function into a successful front office strategic advisory role is a shortage of talented finance professionals and leaders. Without the necessary finance talent and an operating model to support finance transformation initiatives, it is increasingly difficult for CFOs […]

Is Your Finance Function Ready For Change?

Last month, CFO Research in collaboration with the business process management firm WNS, released a report on the Finance Function’s Readiness for Change. The report is worth reading and discusses how finance organizations can prepare themselves for the corporate and market demands of the future, and help their companies realize full value from data and drive […]

Finance Transformation: From History Keepers to Future Story Tellers

The traditional role of the finance function is that of ensuring accurate processing, accounting and reporting of financial transactions. However, in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous economic environment, reporting on the past is no longer enough. New advanced technologies are disrupting business models at the speed of lightning. For example, digital innovations such as […]

Transforming Finance Into a Strategic Function

There has never been an interesting time to be in finance than now. The role of finance has significantly transformed over the past years from being a back office function responsible for reporting past performance to more of a front office strategic role responsible for delivering strategic insights that enable effective decision making. Although some […]

5 Employee KPIs Every Manager Should Know

Employees play an important role in helping the organization achieve its mission, vision and objectives. Today, many businesses are relying on their employees to drive business performance and remain competitive. This is contrary to decades ago where fixed assets where regarded as the main drivers of superior performance and returns. As the value and contribution […]

Identifying Your Organization’s Critical Success Factors

In the previous post I touched on the benefits of understanding your organization’s critical success factors. In this post i will look at the key tasks involved in identifying organization wide CSFs. In order to establish the CSFs, management need to first identify and list all the success factors. Normally, this initial process of investigating […]

Benefits of Understanding Your Organization’s Critical Success Factors

In today’s competitive environment knowing and understanding your organization’s CSFs is key to survival and success. Critical success factors (CSFs) and their performance measures play an important role of linking daily operational activities to the organization’s strategies. Without thorough and complete knowledge of its CSFs, the organization’s performance management system will not produce the expected […]

Maximizing The Value Of Shared Service Centres

Over the last decade or so, finance shared services have become a vital part of the finance function for most large multinational organizations. The increase in SSCs investment has been driven mainly by business leaders looking for simpler, leaner internal structures that allow the organization to focus on its core competencies as well as ensure […]

Measuring What Matters Most

Almost every organization has some form of performance measurement system in place to measure, assess, evaluate and monitor short, medium and long-term enterprise performance. Without reliable, relevant and informative performance measurement systems, organizations would find it difficult to determine their key drivers of success, measure these well, successfully execute their strategies and create sustainable value. […]

Getting Started On The Lean Journey

Lean management has been with us for so many years and organizations that have successfully embraced it have achieved superior business performance and competitive edge over their rivals. Predominantly used in manufacturing, today, Lean is being adopted across all industries such as healthcare, financial services, construction, tourism, government, customer service, software and insurance. Performance focused […]

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