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Achieve Transformational Performance Measurement

This post is an extract from Dr Dean Spitzer’s book, Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success. With more than 30 years of experience helping organizations worldwide achieve superior performance, Dr Dean Spitzer is regarded as one of the leading performance measurement experts. Performance measurement has evolved over the past […]

Improving Performance and Driving Change Across the Business

One of the requirements necessary for the successful improvement of business performance is good strategy development and execution. Business leaders and managers alike must learn from one of the famous Japanese proverb. Strategy without execution is a daydream, execution without strategy is a nightmare. In order to create value, drive growth and strengthen the company, […]

Integrating Risk and Performance Management

Risks and opportunities are prevalent in today’s global economy. Organizations are constantly getting exposed to material risks (financial, strategic, operational, geopolitical, environmental, legal, compliance etc) yet the majority are not prepared for them. Today’s uncertain business environment requires organizations to start taking a broader view of enterprise risks, focus on those risks with the greatest […]

Improving the Context of Performance Measurement

In one of my previous posts, Four Keys to Achieving Outstanding Performance Measurement Improvement; Context, Focus, Integration and Interactivity were identified as crucial for the positive transformation to take place and drive business performance. In this post I will look at the various ways management can use to create a positive measurement context that drives […]

Developing and Implementing Process Models and Repositories

Value-driven business process management is a critical management discipline for driving efficiency and innovation, as well as achieving the organization’s strategic objectives. Implementing value-focused business process management and aligning it to the strategic imperatives of the organization often achieves the best impact that drives business results. Companies use process models to design, communicate to and […]

Understand the Drivers of Business

Improving and driving business performance requires a company to clearly define its strategy and develop a plan to execute that strategy or make it a reality. As the adage says, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” How a company carries out planning and execution processes differentiates it from other companies and competitors. Many companies […]

5 Symptoms of Poor Performance Measurement Leadership

Leaders (Project leaders, departmental leaders, organizational leaders, business leaders, government leaders etc) play a critical role in transforming performance measurement. They set the tone for measurement and improvement. Unfortunately, many boards do not see the importance of leaders in transforming their enterprise performance measurement capabilities. As I have always said in many of my posts, […]

Improving Enterprise Performance Measurement

There is a huge difference between basic performance measurement and outstanding organizational performance. Basic performance measurement refers to probably the current level of performance measurement in your organization. You still use the traditional criteria for evaluating performance measurement and everything looks pretty good to you or the organization has a Balanced Scorecard, perhaps even a […]

Developing a Business Process-Centric Culture

Business Process Management (BPM) is a powerful management discipline for driving efficiency and innovation, as well as achieving strategic imperatives. However, BPM as it has been practiced up to now has failed to reach its potential and support strategy execution. Although senior management teams have developed powerful sets of tools to focus on processes, most […]

5 Reasons Why Performance Measurement Fails

For most employees, performance measurement is viewed, at best, as a “necessary evil.”  Instead of helping employees evaluate their performance against targets and improve, most employees view measurement at work as a means through which management watch, time and appraise them. It only takes a single snakebite to make someone afraid of snakes for the […]

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