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Automation: The Key to Reducing Your Financial Close & Reporting Period

Ask any finance person what is it that they like less about their job, chances are that they will tell you it is closing the books at period-end. Why is this the case? For many finance functions, the financial close period (month-end, quarter-end and year-end) is one of their most stressful seasons. Emotions and tempers […]

3 Common Pitfalls of Performance Reporting and How to Avoid Them

Recently I met up with a close friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years for a chat and catching up. He is a qualified accountant and finance professional working in the financial services industry in Zimbabwe. On top of the social chatter, we started discussing the evolving role of finance, […]

Intelligent Automation: The Next Frontier in Finance Transformation

Advancements in technologies and the exponential growth of data are presenting massive opportunities for the finance function to embrace intelligent automation, aggregate and analyze data from disparate sources and ease reporting and analysis. Today, we are witnessing technology evolve at different rates, providing a spectrum of capabilities ranging from simple, rules-based and deterministic process automation […]

Savvy CFOs are Using Data Analytics to Mitigate Risks

Data analytics has shifted from being “just a fad” to a business necessity. Once considered the playground of marketing, data analytics has entered the mainstream stream business. Companies are no longer investing in data and analytics with the sole purpose of aiding marketers and drive revenues. Rather, they are also exploring the opportunities of data […]

The Digital Finance Function

Digital and technology advances are profoundly transforming the finance function from a number cruncher to an enterprise data and analytics powerhouse. Disruption is taking place at alarming levels and for CFOs, it is no longer a case of whether they should respond to this change or not but rather how and how quickly. They need […]

Transforming Finance Into An Analytics Powerhouse

As organizations continue to change at an unprecedented pace, the role of finance also continues to expand and transform. The function must do more than just reporting results and provide forward-looking analysis that supports strategic decision-making processes and enhances business performance. This increased pressure on CFOs to be more business partners and strategic partners is […]

Data Analytics and the FP&A Function

Technological advancements in Big Data and Analytics are having a significant impact on the business’s operating model and strategic performance. Many companies are already exploring how best they can adopt big data and analytics technologies to improve their businesses,  reduce costs, streamline processes,  improve marketing initiatives, and pursue future profits. In the majority of these […]

Unlocking Opportunities in Big Data

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in joint collaboration with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) released a report on how organizations can unlock the value of big data and drive business performance. In addition to comprehensive desk research, over 2000 CFOs and finance professionals working in a broad range of sectors […]

The Strategic CFO: Taking Finance Beyond Reporting

Once regarded as stewards of organizational assets, financial executives in today’s information-driven market must become more strategic. Focusing only on financial accounting, cost reduction and compliance requirements is no longer considered enough to improve business performance and drive growth. As technology continues to evolve, financial executives and their teams must adapt and respond to change, […]

The Analyst’s Role in the Business Analysis Model

As organizations continue to invest in business intelligence and analytics in order to improve and drive business performance, it is imperative that they do not become too technically oriented to the extent that investment in these tools fails to deliver the required information and knowledge necessary for creating and preserving value. Used properly, business intelligence […]

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