Category: Reporting and Analytics

Big Data: Lessons from the Leaders

The business landscape is being shaped by data as never before. Data is growing in volume, variety and velocity. The sheer magnitude of data being produced is staggering. Everyone is talking about big data but do executives and their subordinates really understand what it is exactly or how they can transform their organizations and drive […]

Developing Executive and Operational Dashboards

Almost every successful executive, manager and supervisor uses dashboards to track strategy, operations and tactics. These leaders are using dashboards to keep their strategies and operations on track and detect hot spots or areas of concern within the organization. The use of dashboards by management has increased considerably over the past years because managers have […]

Performance Measurement and Data Collection

Performance measurement is all about gathering data from different sources, turning that raw data into useful information that can be used to aid decision making and improve the overall performance of the business. These days, with the advent of modern technologies, social media and a host of data sources, organisations are only a click away […]

Turning Information into Knowledge for Better Decision-Making

Many enlightened organisations have recognised for some time that business information is their lifeblood and a key asset to be preserved. They have come to the realisation that the more quality information you have in your possession, the better the quality of decisions made and the better the results achieved (increased competitive advantage, improved customer […]

Implementing Winning Performance Scorecards

Have you ever come across a business either small or large that seems running like a headless chicken? There is no clarity about why the business exist and what it is seeking to achieve. The business does not have any strategic plans on paper or where they do exist, they basically reside in people‚Äôs heads. […]

Reducing Periodic Financial Reporting Timescales

Over the past decade or so, there have been numerous publications on Transforming the Finance Function from being a cost unit to a value adder. Finance professionals once responsible for routine transactional duties are now constantly being encouraged to streamline these routine processes and spend more time and efforts on initiatives which add value to […]

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