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Why You Need a Strategy Map

Rated as one of the most popular management tools, the balanced scorecard has been in use for more than two decades and the benefits gained by organizations that use the tool are widely evident. Initially designed as a measurement tool, the balance scorecard has transitioned into a useful strategic management tool. Over the years, organizations that […]

7 Steps to Scenario-Based EPM

BusinessFinance published an Axiom EPM sponsored paper on scenario modelling and driver based planning. The paper is great read and I highly recommend it. Below are my picks from the publication: Extraordinary is now the ordinary. Today’s global business operating environment is characterized by ongoing uncertainty and volatility. Businesses are operating under extraordinary circumstances and […]

Cascading the Balanced Scorecard to Build Alignment

Initially developed as a performance measurement system, the Balanced Scorecard has now become one of the most popular management tools used to align and focus the entire organization on implementing and improving its strategy. It doesn’t matter how good your company’s strategy is. As long as the employees across the organization do not broadly understand […]

Achieving Product and Service Strategic Fit

The most visible aspects of a company to its customers, employees and the rest of the outside world are its products and services. As a result most companies now have their identity tied to their product and service categories. For example, how often have you heard managers introduce their companies this way? “We are a […]

Aligning Strategy, Business Intelligence and Analytics

Today, business intelligence and analytics tools are playing a critical role in transforming the way organizations gather, store, analyze and interpret data for strategic business decision making. In this information age we are now living in, managers need to start viewing information as an important strategic resource that if used intelligently will improve the company’s performance […]

Strategic Thinkers Always Ask Different Questions

Leaders desiring to change the course and shape the future of their organizations must improve and transform their strategic thinking. Strategic decisions that shape the organization’s competitive environment are not accidental. Shaping the future requires business leaders to think, plan and positively respond to events and circumstances that emerge along the way. When it comes […]

Creating Sustainable Value Through Strategic Coherence

The most significant factor in any organization’s success lies not in the value of its brand or any asset, but rather, in its ability to put together all the pieces of strategy and execution into a feasible and coherent system. Business leaders constantly face the challenge of building an essential advantage that is not easily […]

Integrating Risk Management and Strategic Planning

Changes in information technologies, an increase in the number of corporate scandals, heightened globalization, complexity of business transactions, competition, natural disasters and the recent fallout from the global financial crisis have all contributed towards enterprise risk management (ERM) becoming a top priority. In the age of intense volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambuiguity, business success hinges […]

The Four Major Characteristics of a Bad Strategy

As an avid reader and someone who is always striving to acquire and apply knowledge and principles on enterprise risk and performance management, I recently purchased a copy of the book Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt. He is one of the world’s most influential thinkers on strategy and management and has always challenged […]

Poor Tactics Lead to Poor Strategy Execution

As there are winners in every sporting game, likewise, there are also winners and losers in the business world. The organization’s strategy determines its short-term, medium-term and long-term direction and the actual execution of the plan to achieve objectives separate the winners from the losers. While strategic principles are unchanging for all time, tactics or […]

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