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Risk-Based Decision Making

   October 14, 2018    0

Risk is an inherent element of the business. Given that every business activity or decision has a risk consequence, a Read more …

CFOs Beware: Don’t Get Caught Up In the Hype of New Technologies

   October 8, 2018    1

I recently wrote an article entitled Finance Transformation: From Efficiency to Effectiveness where I recommended CFOs to identify the business Read more …

Rethinking The Use of KPIs In The Digital Era

   June 28, 2018    0

Most companies do not deploy Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) rigorously for review or as drivers of change. This is the Read more …

The Role of Finance in Pricing Decisions

   June 20, 2018    0

One of the key financial metrics constantly measured and monitored by the business is the level of profitability growth. For Read more …

Finance Transformation: From Efficiency to Effectiveness

   June 12, 2018    1

Transforming finance into an effective function capable of helping business teams execute strategy more effectively, make informed risk decisions and Read more …

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