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Finance Transformation: From Efficiency to Effectiveness

   June 12, 2018    1

Transforming finance into an effective function capable of helping business teams execute strategy more effectively, make informed risk decisions and Read more …

CFOs and Strategic Decision Making

   May 4, 2018    0

These days there is an increasing number of articles, reports, podcasts, vblogs, eBooks etc. being churned out on the evolving Read more …

3 Common Pitfalls of Performance Reporting and How to Avoid Them

   January 16, 2018    0

Recently I met up with a close friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years for Read more …

Increasing Finance’s Relevance to the Business

   May 25, 2017    0

To remain successful and relevant to the business in today’s VUCA environment, Finance must move beyond the control and compliance Read more …

Finance Should No Longer Maintain the Status Quo

   May 4, 2017    0

The world around us has significantly changed and the rate at which this change is happening is terrifying. Established business Read more …

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