About Peter

I’m passionate about Enterprise Performance Management, specifically, the integration of strategy, enterprise risk and performance functions of the organization to enable more effective decision making and achievement of enterprise objectives.

I started my career in practice with a firm of Certified Chartered Accountants, then moved into industry assuming management accounting and strategic finance roles in UK, South Africa and Canada.

My areas of interest and expertise include strategy, finance transformation, data analytics, risk management and enterprise performance improvement.

Industry experience includes Professional Services, Hospitality, Payroll Solutions and Recruitment and Financial Services.

When I can, I mentor finance professionals through specific challenges and initiatives, and share my knowledge and experiences with them with a desire of helping them develop and further their careers.

Aside from this site, I also share my thoughts on simple wisdom for everyday life at www.peterchisambara.com.

If you are interested in conversation and discussion, please feel free to contact me via email info@erpminsights.com.

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Integrating Strategy, Risk, and Performance Management

One of the reasons organizations fail to achieve their desired objectives is because of lack of functional alignment across the enterprise. Often, there is more focus on business units, with their distinct products, services, customers, markets, technologies, and competencies. For example, objectives and strategies are set with little understanding of related risks and how they can be managed to remain within acceptable limits. Risks are managed outside the context of achieving desired outcomes. Performance scorecards include only key performance indicators (KPIs) and exclude key risk indicators (KRIs) as well. Ultimately, this lack of alignment results in poor strategy execution and subpar overall business performance. This course covers how to integrate strategy, risk, and performance management and create synergies from this alignment.

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Decision Making in Uncertain Times

In today’s increasingly unpredictable, and rapidly evolving world where change can happen at lightning speed, basing important future business decisions on historic information alone can misinform decision-making and result in lost opportunities and catastrophic business failure. Thus, to make confident, reliable, and timely decisions, decision makers require information about the past and information about the future. The challenge: no one can accurately predict the future and make successful strategic commitments. The future is a range of possible outcomes, not a specific set of circumstances that will certainly come to pass. This course explores the importance of formulating strategic options and how to manage strategic uncertainty to achieve sustainable success.

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Enterprise Risk Management and Value Creation

Many times, risk management decisions are centered around loss events and the negative consequences that might happen. Decision makers or business leaders rarely consider the benefits of taking the right risks. Effective and value-adding risk management is simply not about risk protection and compliance, loss avoidance or arranging insurance cover to mitigate negative consequences that might happen. Instead, it is about risk management activity generating informed insights required to see the bigger picture, helping leaders make the best business decisions, and ultimately helping the enterprise achieve its stated objectives and desired outcomes. This course outlines why ERM works and the techniques, practices, and tools you need to make ERM effective and add value to your organization.

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